Trends of Marketing in the Year 2021

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With all the developments in technology, the ways of marketing are also changing dynamically and rapidly. These changes often pose as hurdles before online marketers while brand promotion and online marketing.

Trends in Market

Some trends in marketing remain the same while some others which might not be popular. Before gain sudden popularity or new technologies may introduce, changing the dynamics of the digital marketplace. Take a look at some of the Marketing trends of 2021.

  1. E-Commerce on Social Media

As we have noticed, in the last couple of years. Marketing along with selling has become normalized on social media. The year 2021 is also believed to be the year this concept is going to boom.

  1. Growth through Social Media

Many businesses have started setting up shops on Facebook and Instagram. This statistically shows that almost 70% of social media users have bought something from their social media shops or shoppable posts.

  1. Engaging and Interactive content

The people these days have a short span of attention. So, to attract a consumer towards your product, the business needs to create engaging and creative content.

  1. New Development in Social Media Marketing

A product or service that is engaging and can interact with the consumer. Bothering their interest is the new development in social media marketing.

  1. Voice Search

More and more consumers online have started using voice search on Google or other platforms such as Amazon’s Echo Dot.

  1. Reason to adapt for voice search

To order the products they want hands-free. This is one of the technologies that are going to dominate this year. As people are leaning more towards audio searches rather than typing in their searches.

  1. The era of Content Marketing Continues

Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization continue to dominate Online marketing as always. More and more people are looking for all products ranging from essentials to luxuries online.

  1. Online Shopping

By the time things start to get normalized, online shopping will become more and more common for most households.

  1. Increase in Business.

Increasing demand for e-commerce websites. This way more and more businesses would have to fight their competition through SEO and Content Marketing.

  1. AR surpassing VR

Virtual Reality or VR is a quite familiar thing for most of us. However, the newest concept used in marketing is Augmented Reality or AR.

  1. AR shows reality

AR helps businesses to show virtually how a certain product would look in real life. Or in your immediate surroundings by using complex algorithms.

  1. Example: Lenskart

Brands like Lenskart have started showing how a pair of glasses would look on your face. When you are buying spectacles online, you can test several options without trying any of them.

  1. Example: Ikea

Similarly, Ikea has also started showing how a piece of furniture would look in your immediate surroundings. Which would help customers get a better idea of the product that matches their purpose.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Since Social Media has started to dominate the online marketplace. The best way that the sellers have recognized is by doing partnerships with social media influencers.

  1. How this would benefit?

Who would in turn urge their customers to buy and use products from the brand in exchange for a fee? This is a sort of modern-day word of mouth on social media.

  1. Personalized Marketing

Another thing that is dominating the market this year. And which will probably dominate it for the coming years that is known as personalized marketing. This includes personalized content, products, recommendations, and suggestions.

  1. The Chatbot Customer Service

Many e-commerce websites have started using chatbots on their websites as soon as someone logs in.

  1. Chatbox helps in engaging

These chatbots automatically send a text message to the customers and are active at all times of the day. It is statistically found that many users tend to continue with their shopping because of chatbots.


So, I guess we could say that the marketing trends for the year 2021 are a mix of old and new marketing techniques. Our Brand Management team at Kreative Captains ensures to use of the best and trending social media marketing techniques. To increase your business reach.


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