Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach

10 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach



It is important for a business to create a widespread organic reach on social media platforms. Accordingly, many small businesses around the world have started using Facebook and Instagram as their Social Media Marketplace.


  1. Set up Your Home Page

The first step in establishing your small business on Facebook is to set up your business page.


  1. First needs to be comprehensive


Again, your business page is what will give the customer their first impression. Therefore it needs to be Comprehensive.


  1. Promote your business


Once that is done, promote your business. Among your other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, etc. and use print media to get printed business cards or brochures with a link to your Facebook Page.

  1. Unite your social Media Channels

Social Media is very easy to use these days and is one of the most commonly used platforms. Obviously, for almost all the activities of a person. Link all your social media channels so that if you post the picture of a product on twitter.


  1. Time-efficient way to promote business.


Especially, it gets instantly shared on your Facebook and Instagram pages as well. This is a very time-efficient way to promote business.

  1. Link Personal Profiles (What not to do)

As we all have experienced, getting requests from your contacts to like their page feels obligatory and annoying. Apparently, we suggest that you don’t send such requests to your contacts on Facebook.


  1. Link Personal Profiles (What to do)


Instead ask all your employees to update their profiles. Besides add the link to the business page under the ‘Work and Education section.

  1. Be the source of information

Content marketing has proved to be very effective and makes up for almost 70 to 80% of all online businesses.


  1. Factual Information


So, you can also use your Facebook business page to publish factual information and articles or blogs that engage the visitors on your page.


  1. Be Regular


Further, by posting content on your website regularly. Can increase your visibility on the timelines of your followers.

  1. Partner up

In regard to increase your business and attract more people to your Facebook shop, page.


  1. This way you grow


Significantly, you can partner up with other businesses operating in a similar niche as you. This way you get instant access to their consumer base and followers.

  1. Use Facebook Ad Campaigns

In particular, to increase your sales and online reach of business, you can successfully run Ad campaigns for your business.


  1. Optimize Advertisements


Here, you can select the age limit of your target audience and optimize advertisements. Moreover, by checking in certain criteria that you want your target audience to fulfil.

  1. Give Incentives

Businesses offer turn to offering incentives to a specific set of their online consumer base.


  1. Incentives (Example)


For instance, a Mexican eatery had recently taken to posting on their Facebook stories. Information about free giveaway in certain branches. These types of campaigns help boost popularity of the business.

  1. The Facebook Graph Search

Besides, the Facebook graph search is a way of approaching people. As a business you get access to the other pages your follower is following.


  1. Attracts Potential Customers


Hence, giving you an idea about the potential consumers interested in the niche of your business. In fact, this way you get direct access to people who can be your potential customers.

  1. Use Hashtags correctly

As we all know one thing that drives Social media marketing is the use of hashtags. Clearly, the use of hashtags enables you to become more visible in the searches.


  1. Search Engine Optimization into consideration


There is a way to pop up in searches just the way we use Search engine optimization by using the most relevant words or phrases.


  1. How SMO works?


Although it should be related to the nature of your product or content and some other generalized yet frequently used hashtags.


  1. Become visible in Facebook searches

In short, this way you can become more visible in the Facebook searches. This is also known as Social Media Optimization or SMO.

  1. Allows freedom to engage


Unlike Instagram where you have to mandatorily put up a snap. Or like Twitter where you can type only up to 140 characters. In contrast, Facebook allows you to post whatever you want and in however many words.


  1. Facebook makes it easy for businesses to communicate


Consequently, it becomes easy for businesses to communicate. Helps in engaging with their followers in the way they seem fit. This also helps build loyalty of your consumers towards your business.



To summarize, these are a few of the many ways by which you can optimize your Social media and increase your business in the Social Media Domain.

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