Hashtag helps you grow digitally!

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtag is a way to help you categorize your social media posts A Hashtag maybe a word or a phrase or a string of words that are followed by the hash or pound signal (#). These can be used across a number of social media networks and have their own fanbase as well. Here’s why hashtags are critical for your social media activity.

A popular word or phrase preceded with a hashtag makes the search for posts related to that term or phrase quick and efficient. It also makes it easier for others to locate your statistics.

When a user finds a post that is of interest to them they might scroll along the hash-tagged posts ahead to find more similar posts published by others and find more interesting content material that may be online.

The use of hashtags is increasing rapidly and new hashtags are made with influence from the currently trending news, so social media users tend to adapt to this dynamically changing virtual arena and add and subtract content rapidly with the use of these hashtags.

The use of Hashtags make finding relevant posts simpler for all social media users. A precise hashtag helps locating a specific type of content.

Social media networks are busy places. As a business owner, you cannot expect a customer to search for your posts specifically. There are always distractions, yet some users tend to scroll through their feeds to find the most relevant content as per their liking.
Using Hashtags to the most relevant matter helps the person find your products or services easily and in less time with the least distraction.

Using the right Instagram hashtags can dramatically boom your reach on the platform. Hashtags help your content to be discovered by your target audience. Yet there might be some people who use hashtags passively, just like the case of window shopping, where you scroll through interesting things but never show interest in buying them.

What are Goal Hashtags?

A Goal Hashtag is the type of hashtag that your target audience might be using in their on social media posts or are following those hashtags regularly, which makes these types of hashtags highly proactive and more likely to be of use.
Sometimes you can follow these hashtags yourself to check out how many peope use it actively and if they fit in your target audience. This makes it easier for you ti get inside the head of your target audience.

The Use of hashtags is Popular across some of these major social media networks


Using applicable hashtags on Twitter can help with brand- engagement. A couple of hashtags in the tweet are sufficient given the limited number of characters that can be used. However using multiple hashtags and asking your followers to retweet can bring about even greater engagement.


When you post something on Facebook and aim to get more post engagement, using the right keywords and hashtags play an important role in it. However, experts suggest that the use of hashtags should be limited to two only for better results. Anything more than two seems unprofessional to the reader.


LinkedIn too uses hashtags in the similar way just as other social media platforms. However, it is essential that you use your key words and hashtags within the content that you intent to publish and not put them after the post unlike Facebook. At most three hashtags are advised for this platform to be published.

Instagram is probably the only platform where a number of hashtags are used for every type of content that is posted. Instagram also provides an option of following Hashtags. This was if you use a hashtag that has a high following, you are sure to reach your target audience with minimum effort and maximum exposure. The usage of more hashtags ensures extra post engagement.

Hashtags and Followers

Using popular and famously engaged hashtags can also play a part in getting more followers for your brand if the content you post is engaging enough for the viewer. Your posts will automatically be in the search list of individuals who look for the hashtags you operate.


Post Appropriate Content

It is very important while posting some content on Instagram that you use a relevant and appropriate type of hashtag. Even if a hashtag is famous but does not comply with your content, then using it may disappoint your followers and lead to ultimately discontinue to follow your page.

Know which hashtag will help you grow your business

Since hashtags are an incredible way to promote your business, make sure that the hashtags you use are unique to you yet somewhat relevant to the famous ones. It is important to ensure that the hashtags you use are applicable and effective to your cause. You should create a hashtag that includes your business name and advertises it to the target audience.


While using a hashtag, remember to keep it crisp and shot and not bombard your viewers with unnecessarily unrelated hashtags that are of no use to them or to your brand. This will just lead to disengagement and following of your brand page which we wouldn’t want. It is best to use phrases and words that are highly relevant to your business and your brand.
Also, remember that using the same hashtag multiple times does not help in the effectiveness of that hashtag. While searching it will show only once not thrice or more than that.



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